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John Lauritsen

John Lauritsen covered the war on AIDS for The New York Native. He is also the author of the books 'The AIDS War; Propaganda, profiteering and genocide from the medical-industrial complex' and 'Poison by Prescription; The AZT Story'.

Here you will find a bibliography and some of his writings.
Lauritsen reviewed the AZT research. He obtained copies of FDA documents released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Here you will find his first review of these papers. Here the second one, which he wrote after he obtained some more documents.

The transcript of a talk on AZT can be found here. Click here for the text of his talk about the risk-AIDS hypothesis.

Here and here you will find two of his AIDS articles covering the voodoo, war and genocide. Go here to find out why Rudolf Nureyev had to die.

Go here to get his report about the NIDA meeting on poppers. And here for his coverage of the HIV symposium at the AAAS conference. His report from the world AIDS conference in Berlin can be found here.

Celia Farber

Another New York journalist Celia Farber also covered the debate over the years in her AIDS column in the rock magazine Spin.
Click here for a review of the debate.

Farber wrote some articles about AZT research, you find them here, here, and here.

Her interview with Kary Mullis can be found here.

Anthony Liversidge

New York science writer Anthony Liversidge, wrote about the dispute in his articles.

Here you will find one about heretics from Omni.

Here you can get his article about the limits of science.

Tom Bethell

Tom Bethell is Washington editor of The American Spectator, a National Review contributor, and a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institute.

Here you will find an article about the debate.

Here one about poppers from Spin.

And here another one about AZT.

Gary Null

New York health activist and talk show host Gary Null has been covering the AIDS controversy for Penthouse magazine.
Here you will find an article about AIDS survivors.

Here another one about the debate.

Elinor Burkett

Elinor Burkett covered AIDS for the Miami Herald. She is also the author of the book 'The Gravest Show on Earth; America in the Age of AIDS'.
An article about the HIV debate can be found here.

Click for another one about AZT research here.

Neville Hodgkinson

London science correspondent Neville Hodgkinson wrote a series of articles for The Sunday Times. He is the author of 'AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science'.

Here you find a bibliography and some of his articles.
Click here for his first article on the dispute.

Hodgkinson travelled through Africa and reported his findings in the London Sunday Times. Here a report from Kenya, here one from Zambia, and here you will find one from Tanzania.

The Sunday Times got attacked by Nature over its AIDS reporting (see here). Here and here you will find Hodgkinson's replies.


The London production company Meditel, specialised in TV-programmes on science, medicine and general health issues, has made a several documentaries on the AIDS dispute for Channel 4.
Here the transcript from their AIDS and Africa program.

The transcript from the AZT documentary can be found here.

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