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Neville Hodgkinson

AIDS Book:

N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science', Fourth Estate Publishers U.K. 1996. .... pages, ISBN 1857023374 Release date: June 1996.

AIDS Articles:

N. Hodgkinson, 'Experts mount startling challenge to AIDS orthodoxy/AIDS; Can we be positive?' The Sunday Times (London) 26 April 1992.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Government to back rebels in AIDS research' The Sunday Times (London) 3 May 1992.

N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS rebel blames scientists for deaths' The Sunday Times (London) 17 May 1992.

N. Hodgkinson, 'The truth is, we don't know what causes this disease' The Sunday Times (London) 26 July 1992.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Factor 8 hope in HIV battle' The Sunday Times (London) 22 Feb. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS truth falls victim to virus of ignorance' The Sunday Times (London) 14 March 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Epidemic of AIDS in Africa; A tragic myth' The Sunday Times (London) 21 March 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'The cure that failed' The Sunday Times (London) 4 April 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Experts confounded on AIDS as grim reaper fails to strike' The Sunday Times (London) 18 April 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'New realism puts the brake on HIV bandwagon' The Sunday Times (London) 9 May 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'How giant drug firm funds the AIDS lobby' The Sunday Times (London) 30 May 1993.

N. Hodgkinson & L. Rogers, 'Babies treated with contested AIDS drug' The Sunday Times (London) 6 June 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'New doubts over AIDS infection as HIV test declared invalid' The Sunday Times (London) 1 Aug. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Babies give lie to African AIDS' The Sunday Times (London) 29 Aug. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'African AIDS; true or false?' The Sunday Times (London) 5 Sept. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'The plague that never was' The Sunday Times (London) 3 Oct. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Nobel chemist attacks HIV theory of AIDS' The Sunday Times (London) 28 Nov. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Court battle launched over anti-AIDS drug' The Sunday Times (London) 30 Jan. 1994.

N. Hodgkinson, 'New evidence links gay sex drug to AIDS' The Sunday Times (London) 10 April 1994.

T. Rayment & N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS hopes dashed by terrible truth on AZT' The Sunday Times (London) 10 May 1994.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Research disputes epidemic of AIDS' The Sunday Times (London) 22 May 1994.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Cry, Beloved Country; How Africa became the victim of a non-existent epidemic of HIV/AIDS' AIDS: Virus or Drug Induced? Contemporary Issues in Genetics and Evolution 1996.

The Lancet vs. Sunday Times:

M. Dean, 'AIDS and the Murdoch press' The Lancet 23 May 1992, vol.339 p.1286.

N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS and the Murdoch press' (letter) The Lancet 6 June 1992, vol.339 p.1418.

Daily Telegraph vs. Sunday Times:

P. Eddy & S. Walden, 'Does this man know something we don't?' Daily Telegraph magazine 20 Nov. 1993.

N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS; The emperor's clothes' The Sunday Times (London) 28 Nov. 1993.

Nature vs. Sunday Times:

Anonymous, 'New style abuse of press freedom' Nature 9 Dec. 1993, vol.366 pp.493,494.

N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS; Why we won't be silenced' The Sunday Times (London) 12 Dec. 1993.

M. Clarcke, 'Newspaper ducks criticism of AIDS coverage' Nature 16 Dec. 1993, vol.366 pp.599,600.

A. Tucker; D. Parke; J. Moore; M.Verney-Elliott; K. Sabbagh; R. Milton, 'Censorship: The world's leading scientific journal is playing in a sinister game' (letters) The Sunday Times (London) 19 Dec. 1993

M. Clarke, 'Old AIDS news dressed up as new' Nature 23/30 Dec. 1993, vol.366 p.714.

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A. Karpas/N. Hodgkinson, 'AIDS plagued by journalists' Nature 31 March 1994, vol.368 p.387.

N. Hodgkinson, 'Conspiracy of silence' The Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994.

Anonymous, 'Newspaper revives anti HIV-claims' Nature 14 April 1994.

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