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'Poison by Prescription; The AZT Story'
John Lauritsen
Asklepios Press USA 1990, ISBN 0-943742-06-4.

This is the story of a toxic drug, with no scientifically proven benefits, which is being given to tens of thousands of people, including many who are perfectly healthy. It is a story of collusion among corrupt government officials, incompetent researchers, and an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company.

John Lauritsen has been active in the gay movement since the time of the Stonewall Rebellion. He is co-author of The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935) and Death Rush: Poppers and AIDS. A survey research analyst by profession, his investigative journalism into important aspects of the AIDS crisis has won an international reputation.

For information on ordering books by John Lauritsen, contact him via e-mail: jlaurits@capecod.net

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